One shelf combi OVALINA plate and glass rack with aluminum frame and draining tray for vasistas cabinet.

COD. >[]< L/W P/D H/H
0192T 450 414 *
0193T 600 564 *
0194T 800 764 *
0195T 900 864 *
0197T 1200 1164 *

*Depth of the frame(220,230).


Combi plate and glass rack OVALINA with supports for cabinet fixing and draining tray. The kit can be used with only one shelf in vasistas cabinets or with 2 shelves in standard cabinets.
Finishing: Stainless steel (IN), Protected steel (AP), Metallic grey pretreated with antirust material (GZ), White pretreated with antirust material (BZ), Protected black chrome (CPN), Anthracite pretreated with antirust material (NMZ).
Draining Tray: Plastic (NAL), Stainless steel (IN).
Fixing Supports: Aluminium frame, Plastic side Zama adjustable insert , Support with 1 or 3 positions .